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Vans NYC

Vans are the most popular shoe known to the skateboarding fans of the world; they came into the skateboarding word in 1976. Skateboarders began asking for different colors combined on their shoes and of course Vans gave the customers what they wanted, in March 1976 they came out with the first Era, it was red and blue. It was designed by skateboard pros Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, over the next few years, there were many new color combinations developed by the Vans line. Then in 1979, the slip on was introduced and a mad craze spread when the epic movie Fast Times at Ridge Mont Highs, Jeff Spicoli, a California surfer in the movie not only wore the shoes, but carried them into class.

Since then Vans has become the skateboard and surfer shoe mogul of the world, they not only have an unreal line of shoes, it goes far beyond that. The city Pack Era line in Vans shoes is where the Vans NYC line hails from; each city in the series has contributed its own skate style and serves as an icon to skaters all over the world. In the Vans NYC the shoes come in two different styles, they come in the City Pack half cab, which is 100% suede shoe with a waffle grip bottom, they are grey in color. In addition, in the Vans NYC line are the City Pack era, they are the classic era design with the waffle bottoms, and these are the classic skate shoe that the skate community has made so famous.
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